Meet the
Dixie Fire Collaborative

The Dixie Fire Collaborative is made up of individuals and groups who have made the commitment to work together to rebuild our communities and help them thrive after disaster.

The collaborative includes consultants at the local, state, and federal level,  community members, partner organizations and businesses all working together to make our communities whole again.

Please revisit this page as our team grows.

Sue Weber

DFC Co-Chair

Clint Koble

DFC Co-Chair

Tyler Pew

[Re]Build Chair

Moorea Stout

[Re]Build Housing Lead

Tanya Komas

[Re]Build Downtown Lead

Lindsey Buis-Kelley

[Re]Build Consultant

Chris Meyers

[Re]Build Consultant

Trina Cunningham

Co-Tribal Lead for Maidu Community

Shelby Leung

Co-Tribal Lead for Maidu Community

Marsha Roby

Greenville Community Lead

Kaley Bentz

Greenville Community Lead

Terry and Sherilyn Schwartz

Indian Falls Community Lead

Tracy Turner

Quincy Community Lead

Jason Stead

Taylorsville & Genesee Community Lead

John Crotty

Canyondam Lead

Jane Braxton Little


Kest Porter

DFC/Plumas County Liaison

Susan Bryner


Lisa Forcino

Crescent Mills Community Lead

Shawn McKenzie

Chester/Lake Almanor Community Lead

Brooke Rahn

Web Developer and Digital Outreach


Would you like to join us? Fill out the contact form by clicking here and let us know how you want to help. Thank you!