The Dixie Fire of 2021

The towns of Greenville, Indian Falls and Canyon Dam, and the communities of Butterfly Valley, Paxton, Rich Bar, North Arm, and Warner Valley were decimated by the Dixie Fire.

Many residents are still hanging on without basic services or adequate shelter. The physical, mental and emotional toll of the Dixie Fire will continue to impact the people of the region for years and perhaps generations to come.

You can support the lives of the people and communities impacted by the Dixie Fire by making a donation today to one of these organizations working to make the community whole again.

Hope Rises
Maidu Summit Consortium
Sierra Institute
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Watch Hope Rises

Share with others to help raise awareness of the impacts from the Dixie Fire.

The Hope Rises Project was created to raise awareness and funding. Visit their website here to learn more and donate.

Looking Toward the Future

Although the impacts from the Dixie Fire are catastrophic, there are reasons to be hopeful for the future. The Plumas County communities destroyed in the fire are filled with resilient and resourceful people.

Organizations led by the community such as the Dixie Fire Collaborative and others are leveraging donations to attempt the greatest comeback in Plumas County history.

Please join us by donating to our efforts. With your donation and our teamwork, we can truly rise from the ashes to create an even stronger and more resilient community.

Make a Donation

These organizations are making a difference in the lives of the people, businesses and communties affected by the Dixie Fire.

Please visit their sites by clicking on the images below, learn more and make a donation if you can.

Maidu Summit Consortium

Preserving, protecting, and promoting the Mountain Maidu Homeland.

Sierra Institute for Community and Environment

Promoting healthy and sustainable forests and watersheds by investing in the well-being of rural communities and strengthening their participation in natural resource decision-making and programs.

Plumas Crisis Intervention & Resource Center

Providing emergency resources, access to temporary and permanent housing, peer and grief counseling and an array of support services in Plumas County.

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